Whisper Mountain

Last year I went to a glowworm cave in New Zealand. I spent two hours standing in the dark, photographing the glowworms. In that time, dozens of people came in talking, then one by one, they fell silent. The glowworms were so beautiful and still that it seemed as if you were looking at stars. I noticed that the serenity brought out a surprising behavior in everyone there.

People whispered secrets in the dark. 

This VR piece is a collaboration with postsecret.com, a community art project where people send anonymous postcards with their deepest secrets and they are posted online.  You are invited to explore people's real secrets in the dark, and leave one of your own. It's an open-world environment and I built the mountain to be climbable. I hope you enjoy this moment of exploration and vulnerability. 

Viewable in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Styly here.

Role: Creative director, Unity developer, VR model builder, writer, producer.