Piece of String

One second after you throw a pebble into a lake, the pebble has disappeared and only the ripples remain. What does a home feel like after the people who live there disappear, and only their echoes remain?

We lived in this house for two years, which is just about the longest I've lived anywhere in the past decade. I wanted to commemorate it, remember it, play with it.

For Piece of String, I used a strand of blue rope (technically, a spline rendered in Blender) to guide you through our home, through a photograph, and into a playland where explorations of space and scale unfold before you.

It won the NEWVIEW Silver Award 2019 and you can view it in this link.

Built in Unity, hosted on Styly.

Model created in Reality Capture.

Mesh cleanup done in Oculus Medium.

Mesh manipulation in Blender.

Real screenshots from the experience (not photos)
I thought it was so clever to leave fresh cookies on the counter before scanning my house, but now I get hungry every time I see them

I'd always wondered what my home would look like if all the furniture were stuck to the ceiling