Last Apple Tree

A future-focused story about humanity's last apple tree. Set in a museum in the year 2050, the experience looks back to 2019 with nostalgia for a pre-climate-change era when apples grew effortlessly on tress, and the simple pleasure of picking them was enjoyed by millions of people every Fall.

Inspired by my move from San Francisco, CA to Cambridge, MA. I fell in love with the snap of a ripe apple coming off its branch, and the crisp crunch it has in those first few moments while it's still alive. This story is an open-world VR experience that lets the participant walk around a museum, learn about the impacts that climate change  is having on apple trees, stroll up to a photogrammetric 50-foot tall apple tree, and pick apples off it. The final room in the museum is a whimsical space, where a planet-sized apple rotates gently; and you can walk on it as we currently walk on the Earth.

Work in progress.