Helmets For Helping

The Stanford campus is huge, covering over 12 square miles. Most undergrads get to class by bicycle, but 98% of them don’t wear helmets. Every 10 days another student is hospitalized for bike accident-related head trauma. Everyone knows the risks, and 50% secretly wished they wore helmets, but they don't. I did social psychology research to change this behavior.

I started a program that would allow students to raise money for charity by wearing a helmet. This gave students an excuse to explain to themselves and their peers why they were breaking the social norm to wear a helmet. I built a team of research assistants, secured grant funding from the Vice Provost, executed a ten-week intervention, and analyzed results. We achieved a positive but statistically insignificant increase in helmet use. I was awarded BA Psychology with Honors and invited to Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society.

Role: Research manager, data analyst, graphic designer, helmet wearer.