An experiment to test multi-storyline VR filmmaking, set in a New Zealand glowworm cave. The viewer can follow two characters into the cave as they discuss the difficulties of shearing sheep, then split off to join a conversation of two partners staring at a glowing wall, talking about ways they can continue to love each other after one of them dies. Over the course of the piece, the viewer may move among the interlocking narratives as they please, observing multiple human perspectives at once. Work in progress.

This is the prototype for a new medium of storytelling. An evolution of cinema: viewers may watch the piece twice and see completely different facets of the same moment, understanding why each character behaved as they did. The story is linear but unconstrained; the viewer has control over their perspective but not influence over events. I'm building every part of this, from how to move in the space, to the space itself, from scratch.

Role: Creative director, Unity developer, VR model builder, writer, producer.