We know what it feels like to hold an object, like a coffee cup or a trinket. But what might it feel like to hold a moment of time? I wanted to find out.

I was in Mexico with a group of friends, and I posed us on a boulder at sunset. I used a drone and dslr to take hundreds of photos of us from all angles, and a whole suite of different software to build the model, clean it up, combine it with other models, and ultimately 3D print it.


Reality Capture: generating photogrammetric models from still photography

Oculus Medium: cleaning up the mesh in VR and exporting a textured .obj

Blender: scaling and export as a printable .dae file

Sketchfab: web hosting of the 3D model

Shapeways: full-color sandstone printing

The final 3D-printed full-color sandstone model: a discreet moment in time, rendered physically.