Bread Babies

I started to document the tribulations and joys of weaving glutens into form. I dream of dough.

The universe may be in a grain of sand, but a far tastier universe exists in a loaf of warm bread. Each batch I bake relies upon the cultivation and demise of a complex civilization of yeast and bacteria. The analogies flow with each kneading fold: In fluffy dough I see my patience; in a bubbling starter I see new ideas; in the crunchy crust I taste the impermanence of a finished piece of work.

A perfect loaf, made with only flour, water, and salt

When a dutch oven is used for the first half of a bake, the dough itself creates a steamy microclimate that enables a regular home oven to act like a steam-injected commercial oven.

The secret to great bread: a sourdough starter. I bred (pun intended) and trained this one from scratch using just flour and water, with the yeast coming from the air and flour itself.